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1 Browse our catalog and find the design right for your event. Can't find what you need? Remember we can also custom cut a design to your specifications!
2 Print a copy of our order form and fill it out.
3 Fax the order form to us at 678.879.9901 or email your order to us at forfoam@aol.com. We will contact you back immediately, verify all the information and get started on your order!

C.O.D. Company checks only or VISA/MASTERCARD

5% discount on standard foam orders over $250.00 and 10% over $750.00.

"LET'S CELEBRATE INC", is a dynamic event design company that will turn your special event into an experience you will never forget. We can also custom finish your designs.





Welcome to Design-A-Foam, a one-stop-shop for stock and custom designed polystyrene decorations, sold directly to the trade. Design-A-Foam is a light weight, durable product which can be water-base painted, glittered and glued to create party decorations guaranteed to capture the spirit of any event. This product is white in color and smooth in texture, and is sold undecorated. We can also custom finish any design you select. We can also cut any design to your specifications.

Design-A-Foam will provide you with creative and unusual decorations which can save you time and money, and make your party an outstanding success.

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